Oysters, Scallops, Mussels, Clams and Crab


There are many types of shellfish available on the west coast and many tasty ways to prepare them!


Longliner Seafoods in The Public Market carries fresh oysters.  Although some people do eat them raw, they're even better on the barbecue.  After scrubbing the live oysters clean with a brush, put them on the grill until they just start to open. Spoon in a flavourful topping, like salsa and cheddar cheese, and serve! However, if you'd rather have someone else prepare your oysters for you, try them pan fried at The Sandbar Restaurant.


Locally farmed scallops are not only tasty, they're environmentally sustainable since they clean the water as they grow.  If you visit The Lobsterman in the Maritime Market, you may purchase whole or shucked scallops.  In west coast cuisine, these plump scallops are often pan seared or grilled. (Check for recipes on the Lobsterman website.)  If buying scallops in the shell, you may also wish to prepare Coquilles St. Jacques.  In this beautiful dish, the scallops are coated in white wine sauce, European cheese and potato.  If you make this dish, save the "lips" and prepare them according to your favourite calamari recipe. Finally, for a delicious lunch, try the Qualicum Bay scallop sandwich at Go Fish!


You may find yourself tempted by the clams, mussels or other shellfish at the Lobsterman.  Clam chowder is quite popular on the coast and is always on The Sandbar Restaurant's menu.  Mussels are also quite flavourful when steamed in a white wine sauce.  The Sandbar Restaurant serves them in coconut curry.


The white meat of a Pacific Dungress crab tastes sweet when cooked.  It is often baked into crab cakes or boiled whole and served with garlic butter.  Bridges Restaurant offers pan seared crab, served with chili mango salsa. The Sandbar Restaurant has both crab cakes and fresh crab right out of their tanks.


If you'd like to learn other ways of preparing seafood, try taking a cooking class with Edible BC.