Granville Island Hotel


Looking for accommodations on Granville Island? Hotels? Bed and breakfasts? Inns? Resorts? There is actually only one place to stay on the island and that's The Granville Island Hotel. This three star hotel receives consistently good feedback because of its service and location, but check with Trip Advisor for the most recent reviews.  


Getting Around:


The island can get busy in the summer so minimize your stress by parking your car. Take it easy by walking, biking or taking ferries. Want to see Robson street? Take the Aquabus to the Aquatic Centre and walk up a few streets. Yaletown? Just get off at the Aquabus' Yaletown stop. Stanley Park? Get off at the Aquatic Centre and walk or bike around the park. False Creek Ferries can drop you off at the Maritime Museum in Kitsilano


Vancouver is competing to be the greenest, most bikeable city in the world. So instead of fighting traffic and stressing out over parking, join the locals on our seaside paths! You can rent a bike at Reckless Bikes (near the entrance to Granville Island) or at various locations bordering Stanley Park. The Aquabus lets you bring your bike on their ferries.


Want to dress up but can't walk or bike in stilettos? Grab a cab at the taxi stand near the Public Market. Occasional taxis are still probably cheaper than renting a car and paying about $2+ per hour for parking.


Where to Eat:


For breakfast, visit The Public Market, La Baguette et L'Echalote, or Agro Cafe. For lunch or dinner, check out our restaurant page or visit nearby Granville Street, Broadway Street and Kitsilano. These neighbourhoods have even more of the top restaurants than downtown Vancouver. 


On Granville Street, try Vij's Restaurant ("one of the finest Indian restaurants in the world" according to the New York Times) or West (Vancouver's top restaurant for fine dining.) If you follow Granville Street to Broadway, you'll be close to Bin 942 and Cru Restaurant (top spots for "small plates" or tapas.)


A short trip to Kitsilano will bring you to our most famous vegetarian restaurant (The Naam), our top spot for fine French dining (Lumiere), award winning Asian food (Flying Tiger) and a casual restaurant that even chefs enjoy (Aphrodite's). There are many more options, from the best south-east Asian cuisine (Banana Leaf) to our top coffee (49th Parallel Coffee) and chocolate (Thomas Haas), but I'll let you discover some of this for yourself.


After spending your day enjoying the sunshine and feasting on amazing food, relax in the hotel spa before curling up to read The Granville Island Book!