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Handmade Treats


There is only one place in Vancouver that offers handmade donuts and that's Lee's Donuts in The Public Market. (Some regular visitors a taxi right from the airport to Lee's!) The best kind is the original honey coated donut. It's worth asking when a fresh batch is coming out of the oven because nothing beats these piping-hot beauties. They taste just like your grandmother's donuts.


Another tasty Granville Island treat is homemade fudge or peanut brittle. The Olde World Fudge Co. makes candy right before your eyes and serves it as fresh as can be. They also allow customers to sample before buying.


In addition to having some of Vancouver's best treats, The Public Market has some of kindest merchants. Linda from The Fudge Co. actually saved Alan Lee's life; and you can read all about it in Granville Island Book!