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Top 20 Souvenirs Under $40


Want to buy Canadian souvenirs that are actually Canadian?  Check out this list.


  1. A print of Vancouver by Hillary Morris of Beaver Pond Productions.
  2. A deluxe bottle of Canadian sake from Artisan SakeMaker.
  3. Indian Candy from Longliner Seafoods. 
  4. Maple fudge from Olde World Fudge.
  5. leather belt from Hartman Leather.
  6. The Granville Island Book from Blackberry Books.
  7. A folk music cd from Eugene who plays in the Netloft Building.
  8. A pair of earrings from Janis Dean Johnson Jewellery.
  9. A silk tie from Alarte Silks.
  10. Paper art cards from N. David  in The Public Market.
  11. Wild morel mushrooms from Wild Products in The Public Market.
  12. A jar of Mission Hill Oculus Cherries from Edible BC.
  13. Kitsilano Cream Ale from the Granville Island Brewery.
  14. The secret Masala Chai Mix from The Granville Island Tea Shop.
  15. A bottle of BC wine from Liberty Wines.
  16. A bag of freshly roasted coffee from Origins Organic Coffee.
  17. Coffee mugs from Kingsmill Studio Pottery.
  18. Fine acrylic paints from Kroma Acrylics.
  19. Haida art cards from Clarence Mills of White Raven.
  20. Blown glass from New-Small and Sterling.


Fashion Finds!


Whether you are a local Vancouverite or a visitor, you may be surprised to learn that Granville Island is one of the best places in the city to shop for fashion accessories.  Below, you'll find a few of my favourite places to shop!


At Alarte Silks, you'll find rows of hand-painted silk scarves in vibrant colours.  Izabella, the artist, will show you several ways to wear these works of art.  At Maiwa Handprints, textile artist Charrlotte Kwon imports scarves and linens from India's top traditional artists.  (Many Indian-Canadians are surprised by the beauty and workmanship of these pieces!) Finally, at the Silk Weaving Studio, you purchase sophisticated silk designs.


Wouldn't that pair of faded jeans look great with a leather belt? With a custom belt, leather jacket or fashion purse from Monika Sadryna of Sadryna Designs, you're sure to get noticed. A former European model, Monika knows how to flatter a woman's body.  Men, on the other hand, seem to appreciate pre-made, quality Hartman Leather belts in classic styles.


If you love hats, you'll want to check out the hand-made felt hats at Funk Shui.  Jessica makes and dyes her felt, before designing and creating each unique piece.  Edie's Hats in Netloft is an institution in Vancouver, offering a unique selection of men's and women's hats in a theatrical atmosphere.


For fashion jewelry, you'll want to visit Funk Shui again to check of the works of ceramic artist Jasna.